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Question about Steam Identity Secret and Backpack.tf automatic


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Hi, I apologize if this question has been asked before. I did some minor searching and came up with empty results. I want to get into trading and I've set up automatic trading but I don't want to confirm all my trades thus I'm considering using the identity secret method. I've extracted my identity secret and before I confirm it I need some clarification. On the application it says "IMPORTANT: This will accept **all** trade confirmations, not just ones for offers that Automatic has accepted!" My question is, does this mean every single trade that is requested will get accepted? If one of my friends sends me a trade offer, will it get automatically accepted? If someone offers me nothing for an unusual item, will it get accepted?


Thanks, sorry for the troubles. This is most likely a stupid question, but I'm new to this and I would hate for something bad to happen.

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2 Steps.

1.) Accepting a trade offer

2.) Confirming.

Automatic only accepts offers for your listed bp.tf price. You still have to manually handle trade offers that dont match your bp.tf price tho like unusual overpay or begging offers.

But it can confirm all trade offers. 

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