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Caek's Art Commissions (UPDATED!!)


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Hello, I do hand-drawn digital commissions for a small, cheap price(compared to most artists). 
Please keep in mind, for the amount of work i put into these, the prices are cheap. Do not complain. 
If you're interested in art, join my group here- http://steamcommunit.../groups/cakecom
Or, you can check out my Tumblr here(only art posted)- http://caektoppre.tumblr.com/
And add me if you're wanting to pay for one!
~REMEMBER! I don't just do TF2. I can do animals and such just as well.
~ No adding me and complaining about prices. I've had many sales at these prices.
~No adding me and asking for free drawings.
~ *DO NOT* edit the picture i give you in any way. If I see you do, I will block you. It's very disrespectful. 
~ Do not be rude if you dislike your commission. I will show you the sketch, and if you're not interested, I will give you a refund. There are no refunds past the sketch.
~PLEASE remember that every artist has a style. If you do not like my style, do NOT commission me. I will not draw in a certain style to please. For an example, if you don't like the way I draw hair, just don't bother paying for art from me. I have plenty of examples of my art, so make sure too look at them.
~ Pure keys accepted, I also accept PayPal.
—˜ Neutral Side-View Profile Picture —˜ 

~ 3 keys+ (6$ PayPal)


 ~ 2 keys when you order a full body commission

—˜ Profile Picture —˜ 
~5 keys+ (10$ PayPal)(Includes shading)
(includes shoulders/hands)
—˜ Head Only —˜ 
~ Colored: 4 keys+ (8$ Paypal) (+ shading is 1 key or 2$)
(GIFs are an option)
—˜ Torso Up —˜ 
~ Colored: 6 keys+ (12$ PayPal)(+ shading is 1 key or 2$)
(GIFs are an option)
—˜ Full Body —˜ 
~ Colored: 8 keys+ (16$ PayPal)(+ shading is 1 key or 2$) 
(GIFs are an option)
•Shading: +1 key
•Complicated BG: Depends on what it is. 
I can draw both "chibi" and more normal looking. 
Also, I do NSFW but I would rather not post the pictures here. 




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What if the profile picture wasn't color though

I do the Neutral profile pictures, which are one color lining. Meaning you pick the color you want the picture to be, and I draw in only that color.

But if you're wanting just a flat lining, I can work something out.


Neutral Profile pic- (main color is green)


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