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Adding an option for notifications when one of your items has a newly created suggestion

Kevin the Chicken God

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I feel like there was a thread for this before cares cared, so this might have already been addressed


Basically, I think it would be nice if users could toggle on notifications if an item has a price suggestion created for it, similar to following items. This would help users provide proof/feedback on suggestions since they themselves owned an item, as well as stop people from worrying that one day they'll find an item of theirs dropped 50% on the 'Updated price' menu.


The follow button is fairly similar, so I feel like this wouldn't be a major undertaking

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Would be great if we got notified as a lot of times it could prevent price drops that ignore cs go / tf2 item sweets that were added.

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That would be nice actually. I can imagine being better to see suggestion for your unusual hat first before it got accepted

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