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Bug in MVM that eats your money.

Woifi The Viking

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Many of you surely noticed that sometimes you buy upgrades but before you are done and could click on accept you get pushed out of the upgrade screen. Your money is gone, but you have no upgrades. This happens when someone pushes you away from the upgrade station, the reason below or maybe due other circumstances.


But this mostly happens to engies. And someone told me a plausible reason:

As you may have noticed, the strange pda is one of the few weapons that is upgradeable with mvm. Just allied healed and teleports though, no sentry kills. So everytime someone takes a teleporter or heals himself at the dispenser while you are upgrading, you get pushed out.


Solution: Unequip your strange pda because its pointless anyways and it only fucks up your statistics on it. Or destroy your tele/dispenser when upgrading.

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Last update said something was fixed but apparantly it's not. Also I think I discovered a new bug. The - Button is broken, don't use it (only on the first wave maybe). It seems to work but when you click accept you buy the updates you first selected, no matter if you hit the - button or not.


Example: I bought bullet resitance (300$) for my soldier, saw that I had enough money for damage bonus (400$), clicked on - for the resitance and on + for the damage. I had 100$ left and no damage bonus. I'm not sure if I bought the resitance instead.


Correct me if I'm wrong.

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