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Can't reach backpack.tf server on browsers on my Phone


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Hi everyone,


A few days ago, I started to face this issue. I used to open bp.tf on Android Chrome Browser but it showed me:

"This site can't be reached



However, I can access all other sites on my browser such as Steam, scrap.tf, youtube etc etc.

Then I downloaded a few other browsers on my phone:


Chrome Canary, Chrome Beta, Mozilla Firefox, my phone default browser: Not working

Opera Mini: Working


I hope that someone can help me fix this and im looking forward for some reply!


Phone details: LG G4 Android M 6.1 unrooted


Cheers :)

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Is it your home network? If not the owner of the network might be blocking backpack.tf for some reason.

Hm its not. I tried a few wifi networks on my phone but they didnt work at all. Used my girlfriend's phone to access bp.tf and it worked perfectly :/

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