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UGC Summer Season 2017

Brad Pitt

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The UGC League Summer Season is about to start! Come join thousands of players from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand for some competitive TF2 action! Players from any of these regions are encouraged to sign up and join the fun! The first week of matches starts May 15th for Highlander, May 17th for 6v6, and May 19th for 4v4. Remember, the deadline is May 23rd. Visit the UGC website for more information.



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uh oh weapon surveys


don't fuck with the whitelist again


brad do u do these announcements for esea too


these are automated from the team fortress blog, so unless something esea related is posted there then no


it's harder to get people to sign up for esea too because you're at least going to be blowing $30 for open, ugc is free

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I would love to play comp, but:


  1. My computer is a crap(lap)top
  2. My internet is slow 3 Mbps and unstable
  3. I don't have a team (unless you don't need to)
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