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How do I sell my refined on Marketplace.TF?

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When I go to deposit my Refined Metal it says that my account is unable to sell refined metal, or something along those lines.

I need someone to tell me how I could go about selling it on the website or why it won't let me sell it. Thanks - Axel

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Geel posted somewhere about it but I cant find the topic. Basically only approved sellers are allowed sell refined. (Pretty much the people that were already selling on marketplace.tf before the open seller beta last year).At the beginning of the seller beta keys were the same way, but it eventually changed. It may change it may not we'll just have to wait and see. It probably won't due to lack of bot space.

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If you could sell ref there you could buy keys for 20.55 ref ($1.85 key price PayPal for $0.09 ref price after commission)


Also there's gonna be like a bazillion ref in the bots


Or u could just sell weapons ($0.01*468 (amount of scrap for 1 key) = $4.68) ($4.68/1.85 ~ 2.5 keys for the price of one!)

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