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Good things to Quickbuy?


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So far, I'm quickbuying


All of the s.f.s


these stranges: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16569316


Damage Dealt - 2 keys


these hats http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16732422


All-Father (1.5)


Kringle (1 key)


Merc's Muffler (1 key)


Merc's Pride Scarf (1 key, used to be 1.5 before the sale happened)


Upgrade to Premium (2 keys)


Genuine Three-Rune Blade (1 key)


Bills Hat (5 keys)


Backpack Expander (2.66)


ToD (Currently 1 ref)


Surplus Voucher (2.66)


Salvaged Contents


And I'm thinking there's definitely more to quickbuy. I preferably like a profit margin of minimum 1 ref. Post down your quickbuying trades and how much you buy them for! (and perhaps give me more ideas.)

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Buy S.F Black Boxes for 3-4 keys, and resell for 6 keys (5.5 If you are "quick selling")


Props to pyroman for dis

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Unusuals lel




Buy shit unusuals like steaming football helmet for 10 keys, resell for 13-14. I've done this with 3 so far and it's a pretty nice profit.

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