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How is has Versi avoided all punishments for his offences?

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Greetings all, I'll get straight into this. A user by the name of Versi Backpack.Trade #1" http://steamcommunity.com/id/theversal/has been committing a hell lot of offences in this community and I'm shocked to see that he is getting away with it. Too many people know this and simply shrug it off which is why I just had to get this out. He does a whole variety of such offences that consists of abusing the classifieds, trusted friend scams, middleman scams, and impersonations. I mean I would provide proof if needed but like seriously though, just look at his comment section that is literally flooded with victims voicing their thoughts. (He has some real nerve to keep them there) Some of the things that he does, that is really hurting the community and further supports his utter uselessness here includes:


- Listing to buy items that he never plans to

- Leaving trade offers pending for years that he gets from his classified listings

- If the above isn't done, he will counter with his "new" price or some other excuse

- Trusted friend scam

- Middleman scam

- Impersonation-

- Duped/item verification scam


My only question is, how has this user not been marked for all/most of the reasons stated above? Seems like something worth getting banned for but maybe I'm wrong here.

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I agree with the main point you said about that he should be banned/marked, but every comment on his profile seems to be about people who got scammed by an impersonator IMO. He woudn't let real comments stay on there/would have blocked them if he scammed them.

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First of all, you have not a single shred of proof here. That's libel. 


Second, if you do have proof, you should report it on the main site using the report system instead of instigating a witch hunt in the forums. 


Third, why is it that you feel the need to initiate these witch hunts in the forums to begin with? It's spam without proof. And if you do have proof, alert the mods who can actually do something about it using the report function. 


Locking this up.

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