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IGetClassifieds API

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I would like to request a new API that I think is much needed for pricing of items.


Issue link here: http://backpack.tf/issue/58be29a8c440452b1243c0e2


The current IGetPrices API along with the community pricing, while great, is reactive in nature. Prices change, but (sometimes) suggestions are made much later. They are also not instantly accepted as that would be against the spirit of suggestions. This causes significant delays in pricing, and is reactive in nature. A solid example would be the effect of steam sales on paint prices. I think that an API that lets users and developers keep track of the prices a bit more proactively would be a great addition to the current arsenal of APIs.

Therefore, I would like to request an IGetClassifieds API that returns the classified listings of every active buy/sell order for every item on backpack.tf. I am well aware that there is an IGetUserListings API, but it is not very useful for the purposes I am requesting this one. The proposed IGetClassifieds API would be similar to the IGetPrices in that there are no input arguments. Alternatively, it can be thought of as the existing IGetUserListings API but with all users (for active listings of course).

I am sure there are many caveats but I am sure there are ways to overcome them as well. For instance, multiple listings can simply be collapsed with another variable, reducing the size of the JSON.

Also, I am aware that there are workarounds, such as parsing HTML (trade.tf?), but it is not only tedious, but it also puts an unnecessary load on backpack.tf site and I would like to avoid going that route. Surely this API won't be lightweight either, but putting a good timer on it can do the trick.


What do you think?



As a side note, I am the owner of ocu.tf, and we would be using this API actively. Our dev team can even contribute to the development of this. Furthermore, I am not only interested in this for pricing items, but also from a scientific perspective. I have a PhD and work on machine learning at a very large supply chain company, and I think this is data would be invaluable for research.

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Oh that is perfect, thanks for letting me know. I wish I had seen it sooner, it would have saved a lot of typing :D I'll ask cares whether it can be used that way or not.

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I thought that would not be a problem, since the IGetPrices API is already huge that means the capability is there. It would actually save time and resources I think to go that way.


But your current implementation is more elegant.

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7 hours ago, SANGRIAsimon said:

Hey I know this is a topic from 2017 but i wanted to ask how i can access this link ? ( http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/58154-backpacktf-labs-classifieds-search-api/) when i click on it it says i dont have permission.

Would be nice if someone could help me out :),


If you want to search classifieds now, use this link instead: https://backpack.tf/api/docs/classifieds_search

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1 hour ago, SANGRIAsimon said:

A Last Question @Zeus_Junior, it says no Limit but abuse wont be tolerated, how many Requests an hour is abuse? (i dont need an exact number just a vague number)

With 1 (or maybe 2) per second you will be fine

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