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New Years Resolutions?


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Here's my TF2 Trading resolutions.


My new years resolutions is to get a Professional Strange Festive Knife and a Non-duped Sunbeams Fez by the end of the year. I also would like to achieve 1000 suggestions in backpack.tf. I would also like to go by one month with 100% accuracy suggestions. Let's see if I can fulfill this in the end of the year!


It doesn't have to be IRL things, it can be gaming, trading, etc. resolutions. Post yours if you have any and see if you can achieve it at the end of the year!

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More sporting. Maybe fitness after the January exams. Idk.

Get up at 10 am. (already failed in sort of way)

Let that one girl know I really really really really like her.

Get a 1000+ $ TF2 backpack.

Have a good breakfast every day. (already failed too)

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Get good grades

Get rich in tf2

Get a bit more fit?

Sit up straighter in general

Dress better (its happening already so maybe I can cross that off my list)

Install a closed loop liquid cooler on my GPU

Get rid of my blackheads

Get better at improvisational comedy

Take more selfies

Suggest more

Hit 200 followers on tumblr

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---> Get full or close to full marks on my SAT 

---> Get my mom to a doctor and do a full checkup.

---> Try to buy strange festives collection of 2012 and 2013.

---> Learn more coding and expertise on a specific code.

---> Donate to bp.tf/tf2r/prestige gaming/bazaar.tf (No to outpost because I don't see the point of it, donating $5 for only 1 month)

---> Well, that is all I came up with.

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