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Hello guys, I want to give you my time to do SFM for you, I love do this, I hope I get many request

You can donate me items if you want (That make me more happy because I got scammed a awesome Anger of 150 keys..)

Comment your request here and add me.


~Some arts I made for peoples~








~For myself~





~-My steam profile-~



~-My trade offer (I'll appreciate a lot for your donation and maybe I'll do a ''Top donator list'')-~



Thanks for read this post! ^^

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Alright here we go.

Spy (blu)

Pose should be : http://puu.sh/ufvrs/8ceb98e5c3.jpg

Background should also be black like in the picture.


Backbiters Billycock (gold paint) (Circling TF Logo effect)

Double cross-comm (gold paint)

Lady killer (gold paint)


Like the spy is holding the festive revolver like in the picture, replace it with a big kill.

Good luck and thanks in advance

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Could I get one with pyro and zenyatta from overwatch?

Pyro loadout:

Cosmetics: Disco beat down Handyman's handle, Cute suit and the Dead of night (Dark - hide grenades)

Showing Zenyatta an Australium Axtinguisher

Thanks :D

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Red scout:burning sensation, 13th hour Bonk boy, flapjack n Aussie scatter

Blu solly:scorching warpig, secret to everybody stash, coldsnap coat n Aussie rl

Pose:up to u

Map: any

I just want them to look cool n badass

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Could you add me too please


Class: sniper

Team: blu


Hats:unusual vivid plasma professional's ushanka

Unusual Effects (if any):vivid plasma (professional's ushanka)

Pose:Killer solo (pointing upwards)

Additional Information - cosmetics: mutton man & chronomancer.

Purpose (Trade/advertising or Personal): Personal, wanna show it on my profile pic

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