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Is that good offer?


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Hey i just got offered


Duped PE Flamboyant Flamenco for my Death at Dusk Birdcage + Infernal Smoke Taunt: Spent Well Spirits + Blizzardy Storm Hustler's Hallmark


Death at Dusk Birdcage is 1 of 4 with special description - "Early Supporter of End of the Line Community Update"


Is it worth to take high tier effect duped hat?


EDIT: also have another offer - my Death at Dusk Birdcage for Atomic Universal Translator

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Death at Dusk Birdcage (35) - seller at 28

Infernal Smoke Taunt (28) - seller(s) at 24 / highest buyer at 17

Blizzard Storm Hustler (17) - 15 keys approx. due to unsold sellers


That adds up to about 65 keys.


A bit tricky since the Flamboyant seems a tad overpriced (and outdated), not to mention the fact that it is duped. But there are 0 sellers and perhaps you might end up with better unusual overpay for the Flamboyant. I'd probably take it. Quicksell the Flamboyant but mainly try to get overpay in unusuals, then it could turn out in a good and profitable trade for you.

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