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Backpack.tf Automatic Not working anymore?


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Hello everyone :)

I been using backpack.tf automatic for a very long time now

and i have been using the version 1.2.8 (the one with out the auto buy accept feature) till yesterday afternoon when suddenly it stopped auto accepting offers, so i thought it might be because I'm using an older version of the bot so i downloaded the new version 1.3.0

and still not working 

An Error keeps popping up : Error Accepting Confirmation


--> I did not change or uninstall Steam app on my phone

--> My phone is rooted

--> Escrow Free account

--> Tried extracting the identity secret again from ( /data/data/com.valvesoftware.android.steam.community/files/Steam-(my Steam64 ID)

--> No changes in the identity secret it was still the same

--> Tried logging out of bot and logged in again even tried using a new bp.tf token still no change 


What could be the problem ? can someone help me ?


http://imgur.com/erq3IRA<---- Error Screenshot 


have a nice day


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Mine working just fine. But I use semi-auto (mobile confirmation)

Try restart your pc?

yes its working fine for everyone i have asked ! it was working fine for me too ! this happened suddenly out of  no where !

yup restarted pc too !

i even tried downloading the bot files again !

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