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Marketplace.tf validness.

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So, as stated in my last scrap.tf post, this time I want to talk about "validness" for marketplace.


So I was caught off guard when I saw a scrap.tf group announcement pop up linking to this: https://marketplace.tf/blog/posts/YFXSLW. So basically, anyone with a valid email address can now sell on the website, not just people who applied for the closed beta, and had to wait for their application to get accepted.


So does this mean that marketplace can be considered valid? I would like to refer to the 2016 post salvage made and a point he brought up.


"(2) Marketplace.tf has a very limited pool of sellers which leads to barely to no competition, therefore a healthy economy just can't exist on the site, people can list their metal for as much as they like and they will sell it eventually as there is no reason to sell for less, there is a huge demand for refined on Marketplace.tf (as shown by the sole amount of sales) yet there is very little demand for it outside of Marketplace.tf (which leads to it dropping, as sellers outside of marketplace.tf need to have very good prices to have any success in selling.
TL;DR: If Marketplace.tf would give the opportunity to sell refined to more people it would logically make sense to consider it usable as proof, however, if that'd ever happen, (which is unlikely) there will be competition on the site which will eventually lead to the market adjusting to the key price."
Now that they have, in "unlikely events", made it to where everyone/more people (the whole community..) can now sell items on marketplace, marketplace should (logically) have more competitive, accurate, dependable, and (imo) valid prices. Of course this is very fresh, and might need some time for the market to stabilize/find the correct prices for items, as the number of people who use this site will grow over the next couple of days (week(s) maybe?), now that it's available to them, unlike before.
His first point was kinda covered in the scrap post and doesn't really hold too much weight towards the whole "validness" of the site. But I would like to know what everyone has to say/think on this topic. I'm very curious to see what happens, now that this has been taken out of beta.
Have a good day~
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For posterity, refined is still a restricted item on Marketplace.

The question was for more the site in general, not just refined. But salvage's post was somewhat a mixture of the two, so I can see why it seemed as if refined was the target for this thread, which it wasn't. (Directly atleast.) And by restricted, do you mean people still have to apply for their accounts to be able to sell refined?

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