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Price Suggestion Help Please.


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I made a price suggestion for a Tesla Coil Well Rounded Rifleman a month ago, and it probably should've reached the backpack.tf backlog by now. I am not sure what to do, so I have been waiting for a moderator's opinion on this. However, it has been sitting there, ignored, for quite a while. Did I do something wrong?




I also made a suggestion for a 1 of 1 Roboactive Scotch Bonnet, with clear proof, no other recent sales. Any ideas why that might be being held?



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There might be a few reasons why your suggestions aren't going through.


1. Might need more sales or the ones you provided are not sufficient and need minis.

2. Moderators might be waiting for a future sale of the hat to make sure the one you gave is not an outlier.

3. With the lots of suggestions received every day, it might have been MISTAKENLY left behind by moderators. But the fact that it hasn't been closed yet pretty much leads to 1) and 2). 

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Both are indeed left open with a reason.

- The bonnet is left open because the sale happened right before the suggestion was made. Typically, suggestions that set a price rather than update one (i.e currently unpriced hats that get a new price). There are exceptions to that which werent met. However, since you've displayed your lack of interest to resell, that one will be fine now.

- The rifle is being left open for a variety of reasons:

> Hween 2016 effects are very unstable and volatile in their prices. If I read it correctly (just scrolled through it, only carefully read it the first time I saw it), it has 3 sales, 2 of which are very discrepant, and one which is fully based on other hween hats (that - if I recall correctly - both seemed to be valued really high; Id guess that sale will end up between the other twos ales, meaning either a wide range is required, or that it is better left unpriced for now).
> One of the suggestions it depended on was redone, and - again, as far as I remember - was based on a single sale, which involved another hween 2016 hat with uncertainties involved. I havent checked them recently, but theyre left open to see if more sales happen to ensure theyre not being priced off of outliers. Said suggestion has been redone by now at a lower value, changing one of the sales'  value
> There have been a couple of riflemen on the market and more sales seem to have happened. I'd need to thoroughly investigate them before making a final verdict, but for that, we generally leave suggestions up for as long as possible so that we have enough material for comparison. I'll probably look into that one either tonight or tomorrow.

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