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I think my unusual is BROKEN (Scout)


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Hello. I have recently unboxxed a Unusual Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood with the Generation 1 affect Vivid Plasma, I have went on multiple servers and on all of them it has appeared in my Torso, It has been seen by other players too so i know its not a client side glitch.


I also have a ton of pictures in steam to show all my examples, How it is rendered out of gameplay and while in gameplay.


(I cant upload all of them to the site for some reason so its a mediafire link with a folder named "complete" with my (edited) files pointing at the interesting parts. Nothing else was edited in / out to make sure everything is there. It is 2.2 MegaBytes and is only compromised of .jpg files. The arrows were obviouly made in paint. I was trying to make this quick)


Link to Images: https://www.mediafire.com/?287r2odua1s3p0k


If there is a fix then i wont sell the item on the market. This hat is my first unusual and it somehow took my only 2 crates to obtain.

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In the loadout menu, hit the +


Adjust effect a teeny tiny bit.


Then change class and respawn,

then change back to scout.


It should be fixed.

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