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Trading for 1 of these hats and I need your help


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Trading wise? Probably the Pompadour. 


By the looks, I'd go for the Safe 'n' Sound but that's just my personal preference. The Pompadour seems better in terms of selling and has a quick buyer at 60 keys as well.

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Well I plan on keeping the hat so I'm trying to get one that looks nice.

Well I've always liked the Safe 'n' Sound. Stormy 13th hour and Knifestorm are both nice, however in my opinion the Stormy 13th Hour is slightly better because you can see the skull as well. Basically an upgraded version of Misty Skull, I'd go for the Safe 'n' Sound in terms of looks. But then again, that's just my own opinion and the Pompadour is better for reselling. 

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As a hat, I think I prefer the pompadour over the SnS (I generally like hair cosmetics, my favs for engi are peacenik and big country), but in terms of effect I prefer stormy 13th. While knifestorm has an unique ring to it, I think the animated knives are too large/bulky, making them look kinda silly rather than the creepy/scary it aims to be.

Since I always look at effect first and only at the hat later, Id probably go for the sns

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