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Need help pricing a Tesla Coil Killer Exclusive


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Yeah, unfortunately quite a few actually got unboxed which drives the price down of course. There's a QS at 200 keys which seems really low, but i'd undercut the next highest seller by 10 keys or so which would be ~340 keys.


But see what other people have to say as well

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You can use the link here to see what people are asking. Also keep in mind that there are 19 of these in existence. Also bear in mind that this is what people are asking and 19 of an item really doesn't make it rare at all. Also I don't think that 200 is a quicksell. I haven't seen a hat with 19 of them out there in existence that is over 200 keys. But then again this is the Killer Exclusive so it wouldn't be surprised. Just ask for like 300 keys or offers and see what you end up with. Might be lower might be higher.



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