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Updating the Morning Glory Dr. Dapper


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Can someone do a new price suggestion for the Morning Glory Dr. Dapper? I've tried this kinda thing before and I would rather leave this to the professionals so to speak.

I can start you off with the fact that I just bought one for 140+ keys.






Thanks a lot everyone!

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I just bought that one from Julia. Also, yes I understand that It probably won't be 140 Keys but at least we can update a 6+ month outdated price.

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Posting the sales here for your reference, since I don't have the time to make a suggestion at the moment (I'm tired).


Sale 1) Sold for a Searing Dapper's (45, just barely Outdated) + Miami Pencil (37 Keys) + Well-Worn Isotope Airwolf Wrench


If I had to estimate without looking for minis on the Dapper or Wrench, I'd say this sale is ~100 - 110 Keys.


Sale 2) Your sale, capped at 120 Keys as mentioned.


http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/28707605- Buyout of 120 Keys


Sale 3) Sold for a Neutron Star Merc's Mohawk + Duped Cloud 9 Human Cannonball + ~8 Keys of Items


Without finding minis for the Mohawk or Cannonball, I'd say this sale is ~125 - 135 Keys.

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