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Hi Fiskie (new forum mod)


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Did I completely miss something, or did Fiskie just become a mod quite unannounced? Well anyways, welcome to the forums Fiskie, a new mod (and I guess admin as brad told us he hired one).

http://backpack.tf/faq Fiskie isn't in the mod list here however over here http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/user/45-fiskie/ Fiskie is listed as a mod.


Well have fun on the forums and a dreadful time dealing with the idiots on the main site Fiskie.


If you read this, could you explain me/us what exactly your job will be?

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so Brad did implement forum mods as I suggested like 5 months ago. I wanna be one... Better get 18

I doubt that fiskie will do any forum moderating. :P

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How the hell did Fiskie get one of the first 100 forum accounts, and one that's lower than me?!


Because I'm baller


make da site faster




And so the games begin.


good I like video games


I'll be spending most of this month restructuring the backend, it's what needs to be done when software has only been developed by one person for a very long time


After that we can start working on new features together in a nicer looking environment

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