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Price of Halloween spells once attached to an item.


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All class miscs/hats with footprint spells can sometimes be sold for couple keys (usually in items) if you wait for proper buyer. But it can take long time to sell (compared to regular items).

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To the right buyer you could get between 5 and 10 keys probably but dont count on selling it tomorrow. It can take months to sell spelled hats for "full price." Spelled items are an investment and you wear around what you want to sell so people see it and want it. Spells usually add what the buyer is willing to pay. I sold a genuine ke with sinuster for 4 keys pure even though the hat is 17 ref and the spell like 4 ref. I had to hold it for a few months before that. That was even the first offer i had had on it the whole time.

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​Check the comments: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/27958098

​I'm selling spelled items too. And If I'll sell them around 10-20 Keys, even waiting a year doesn't bother me.

Also I sold a few merc's muffler, graybann around 2-3 keys each w/sinister, chromatic etc. and fast learner, merc's muffler w/bruised footprints for 5 keys each.

​But Headless Horseshoes, Rotten Orange, Gangreen, Corpse Grey and Team Spirit Footprints are extremely rare. Even I paid keys to get them. They are selling around 10-20 keys.

Violent Violet and Bruised Purple sells around 5-10 keys. I wouldn't give all class violet one less than 10 Keys pure.

​And color spells like sinister staining sells around 1-5 keys. (Good items can be more than that.)


But ofc sometimes you can find sellers who are selling less than these prices.

​​This concept only works in unique, strange, haunted, vintage, genuine items. Unusuals don't gain value with spell. They already are high valued items.


​P.S. These are my thoughts and observations.

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