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Nicest looking hats?


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Last year, I posted a topic about the ugliest hats on TF2 (I can't find the post for some reason) and I would like to see others' opinions on the nicest looking hats!

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I have owned many hats but in MY opinion these are the three best for each class. Miscs are included but separated. :D


Scout - Frickin Sweet Ninja Hood, El Jefe, Front Runner,

Misc - Little Drummer Mann


Soldier - Caribbean Conqueror, Ground Control, Killer's Kabuto

Misc - Brawling Bucaneer


Pyro - Brigade Helm, Flamboyant Flamenco, Centurion

Misc - Last breath


Demo - Black Watch, Buccaneer's Bicorne, Bearded Bombardier

Misc - Mann of the Seven Seas


Heavy - Tough Guy's Toque, Hound Dog, Soviet Gentleman

Misc - Commissar's Coat


Engineer - Texas Ten Gallon, Barn Stormer, Trencher;s Topper

Misc - Dog Fighter


Medic - Prussian Pickelhaube, Weather Master, Nun Hood

Misc - Colonel's Coat


Sniper - Anger, Your Worst Nightmare, Liquidator's Lid

Misc - Golden Garment


Spy - Charmer's Chapeau, Aviator Assassin, Big Topper

Misc - Showstopper

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Scout: Hero's Tail, El Jefe

Pyro: Pyromancer's Hood, Head Full of Hot Air, Sharkie hat

Demo: Black Watch, Reggaelator, Tartan Shade

Heavy: Siberian FaceHugger, Capper's Capo, Hound Dog

Medic: Maddendoktor and Gutenkutteharen


All-Class: Prinny Hat (aka BURD HET), That 70's Chapeau, Point and Shoot

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Soldier: War Pig


Demo: Scot Bonnet (The Beanie, not the riot helm)


Pyro: Wraith Wrap (Also mancer mask)


Scout: Thirst Blood (Also Ballcap)


Engineer: Pardner's Pompadour


Medic: Blighted Beak


Spy: Fancy Fedora (Also Noh Mercy)


Sniper: Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative


Heavy: Eh, Idk.

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