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Where is my Australium weapons?


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Not entirely sure what to say of this.


Are you asking where you traded them? Because clearly it seems you sold them for a burning stuntman, then sold that for a HG stovepipe, and then got a chearts Capotain for some reason.


Am I missing something?


edit: like A.e pointed out below too, we can see what apparently happened, so what do you need to know then? 

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http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198107520045<---- here they are...

Im just confused... why would you 1:1 a clean burning stunts man for a duped haunted ghosts one?

you should ask why he did 1:1 for that carrouseurs capotain circling heart.... even being dupped scrap.tf pays closes to the value of that capotain in pure :X


both unusuals trades were pretty bad for him :P

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