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Which GTX 1060 to buy


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So 2 years ago roughly, I bought a custom PC. All was good, but I noticed that I started taking editing more seriously. I have knowledge of many PC parts and which to get, I understand CPU and memory is a big portion of editing, along with SSD/HDD speed. I am planning to upgrade ALOT of my PC, then selling my parts to a friend of mine, who does not do heavy gaming. The thing is, editing is starting to become more GPU heavy, as it has to display higher resolutions and more effects. Along with games such as my favourite, CS:GO, updating constantly and lowering my framerate eachtime, I used to hit 270, now I hit 90. Although, most people will say "It doesn't matter, your monitor is only 60Hz", I want to have a good computer for future. I also like high framerates because it is smoother, mouse movement is more accurate, and lag spikes are not as strong.


I am focused on the GTX 1060. I do not want to change. I know that they are great for what I need, and within a good price too. I just don't know what one to get. I was planning on getting the ASUS 1060 Turbo @ 6GB, but now I can't remember why. I would like one with 6GB, and I want one at a good price which gives me what I need. What would be suitable?

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It doesn't matter. They're also basically the same.


But, getting over 90fps won't make the game any smoother and a 1060 is WAY overkill for CSGO (not to mention your performance in CSGO shouldn't have dropped...something else is going wrong if you went from 270fps to 90fps). Furthermore, a higher framerate won't prevent lag spikes nor will it reduce them. PLUS, you shouldn't upgrade until you're ready to upgrade everything. AND, "future proofing" is a terrible idea. 

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The Turbo series by asus is a "blower style" cooler. These will underpreform compared to a open cooler.





Blower Style






Id get whatever is on sale rn.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125901&cm_re=gtx_1060-_-14-125-901-_-Product this one is a great option. Good price too

Would size necessarily matter? All sizes fit my case/motherboard. I am thinking of going with the one you sent me.

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