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Are any of the new Christmas hats unboxable as unusuals?

Jesus Lord Almighty Christ

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Dont think it's possible from previous years, the christmas hats/misc are considered promo items?

He's refering to the ones introduced yesterday, not on the 17th.


Blizzard Breather, Neckwear Headwear, Nunhood, Kiss King, Slo Poke, Minnesota Slick, Toy Soldier, Five-Month Shadow, Mann of Reason, Scout Shako, Toy Tailor, Polar Pullover, Runner's Warm-up and Tartan Tyrolean.


I'd say it's possible, given that most (if not all) previous winter hats (e.g. head warmer, cold killer, brown bomber, tough stuff muffs) are unboxable in unusual quality.

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