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Backpack.tf Premium Classies Question

Eazy Peazy Squeezy Lemons

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Heyro! Its'a me


If I buy backpack.tf premium (I'm thinking for 2 months as I ain't rich) will I get double classies and then double again for the 2nd month?

Right now I have 160 and some people (Like PiotreX) Have 2000+ Listings? - Obviously I don't need/want that many!

I just wan't more classies so If anyone can help that would be great!

Otherwise I guess I'll just buy 2 Months and see what happens!

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When you have premium, your classified slots doubles only once. If you originally had 200 listings, you get 400 listings altogether with premium, even if you've been with premium for 1 year / 12months.


PiotreX has 2000 listings because they have donated $600 as to get an additional 1200 listings (2 slots per $), as well as other things.

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If you have 160 listings currently, premium will give you 320 for as long as you have it. You don't get more and more each month. To get more listings you have to donate, join the steam group, etc.

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