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Problem with sending/accepting offers via browser. Pls Help.


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I got some strange problem with offers today.


When i want to send trade offer i put my items i put other guy items, then check box and click big green buton to send right? But today whenever im clicking that big green button it turn into that buffering icon and its buffering and buffering to infinity... offer isnt send and i cant confirm it. Its same when i try to accept offer. When im clicking big green button it turns into buffering icon and is buffering forever.

I tried this on 2 browsers - firefox and internet explorer - same result.

I will also say that yesterday everything was ok.

Also when im accepting offer using steam client everything is ok.

What happend to my browsers, doeas anyone had this problem before?

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I will also add thats also same when i try to use in game steam browser... so right now i totally cant send offers, can only accept them using steam client.

Edit. Now even accepting trade from steam client doesnt work.. wtf

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I will say more, i tried restart pc, restart steam, relogging steam, changing profile on PC, also tried accept using browser on my sister PC and every time same thing, never ending buffering

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