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Add automatic price change percentage to suggestions


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Not a must have feature, more of a nice addition. 


When creating a new suggestion, have a box that automatically show what the percentage of the change is from the current value (add colors for bonus points, red for less than 5%, green for = or more). It will help in both reducing unnecessary suggestions (less than 5%) and should also help with people forgetting to change ref to keys on unusual (50 keys to 45 ref = 270% change!?, oh wait, yeah, forgot to change currency). The site already warns you when you go to list something for a lot less than the suggested value, this is pretty simliar behavour. 




Some artwork to help illustrate my intentions. http://imgur.com/a/BTv3Q


*edit: created issue: https://backpack.tf/issue/582f0d2186674718c24e0f14

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At first, it seemed like a neat albeit useless feature. Then I read the part about the 5% rule and people forgetting switching currencies problems.


+1 from me.

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