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Been gone for almost a year....

Lil' Jon

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Hey Guys,


I've been away from trading for almost a year now because of school and I didn't have a phone to use the new steam auth. and want to what's been going on in the trading side of the community or what I missed

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Don't mean to be a downer, however, the trading community is a lot more saturated than ever.

  • Scammers galore.
  • A lot of backpack-buyers nowadays (almost the go-to method as to make profit if you don't have cash).
  • Illegitimate gambling sites that have yet to be shut down; don't gamble with them.
  • Keys are now 24.22 - 24.33 refined. Somewhat expected, as per the growing demand of keys but the stabilising of keys in circulation as irl key prices rise.
  • New unusuals with new effects, everyone wanting to make some nice $$$.
  • The new Halloween unusuals are saturated as heck.
  • Steam Wallet Giftcard code scammers (not sure if this was a thing a year ago).
  • individuals dependent on overhyping some hats that are said to go all-class and highballing as crazy.
  • You will need a phone or use Steam Desktop Authenticator as to get rid of a trade restriction called a trade escrow. If you don't have it, all trades will be in escrow (held in the cloud) for 15 days. The same with putting up Steam Market listings. Otherwise, with SMA / SDA, you should be able to confirm things easy as pie.
  • Some reputable people scammed a load of stuff off other traders; take care with Paypal trades and always take any cash offer from anyone with a pinch of salt.
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