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Can i do a [backpack.tf trust report] for that trade ?


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I sold a [pocket pyro] on backpack for 1.66 Ref, and a guy send me a trade offer : [pocket pyro]⇄[1.66 Ref] and i accepted.

But i realize a got an other [pockt pyro] on my inventory, and i lost 1.66 Ref.

I know it's my mistake and i should check the offer, but i want to warn people about him and i wonder if i can do a [report trust] for that trade.

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That kind of stuff happens often. I don't know if the guys doing that are just stupid, or if they're that toxic. Which would make them stupid in the end as well, so yeah, pay attention next time, but no, you can't - trust rep for that.

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I would leave negative trust and let him dispute it. Even if he convinces us to remove the trust, it will remain permanently on his record to us admins. If anyone else leaves a similar negative trust in the future, it will help us determine how legitimate the new trust is.

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