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When did you start playing tf2? When did you go from f2p to p2p?


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I started after the Robo Update and before The 5th Halloween update, so around August of 2013



Then more then a year later I finally became a p2p.




What about you guys and gals?

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I started in May (I think?) of 2016 and it's October now. I would consider myself F2P but I first became "P2P" about a week or two after I started playing so I could add my friends. Think I spent about $5 at first and then $20 in July (4 keys to start trading.) I stopped looking like a complete F2P in my second week of unusual trading.


Welp I can't even +steamrep people, my account is so new.

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Got both on October 2nd 2011, although I owned the Orange Box on the 360 for a few years before that (probably around 2008?)

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Went premium on 17/10/2012, started playing around when it got f2p but I had only 200 hours when I went p2p so I didn't play a lot. Just a bit of community servers with my cousins

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