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Minimum number of keys to make way up to Unusuals

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I was just wondering what would be the ideal minimum number of keys required to make your way up to an Unusual cosmetic? 

For example if I have 4 keys could I possibly get an Unusual through trading alot?

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6-7 keys is the bare minimum if you're fine with getting the shittiest unusual. 8-12 keys is the general comfort zone for starting unusual trading.


And yes, you can get up to unusuals from 4 keys, but it's generally considered to not be worth the time, as you're spending months to get about an hour's pay at a regular job.

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I started trading with less than 3 refs and i reach to +1000 bucks, you can do that, but you have to waste a lot of time, but i guess with 4 keys you can easy get an unusual if you trade a lot.

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