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NEED HELP : Line cutter or not?


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i listed my beep boy for 1.33 and saw that there is a buyer @1.44 ref with the note ( and on negotiation) " can pay pure, items, or mixed"


so my thought; he has to pay 1.44 pure because that is his listed price he has to buy for OR in items or mixed.



turns out he is not willint to pay 1.44 in the first place, countering my offers giving me cheaper hats ot items than 1.44


his argument: it is on negotiation and this goes both ways.


I assume he just wanna be first buyer.


so am i right when i say this is forbidden?


his listings


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I don't see a problem if users want to add each other and make a deal with items but users must be willing to pay their list price in pure. If they aren't, report their listing and include a screenshot of the declined or countered offer.

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