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Fun Loadouts


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Nothing says "I'm throwing" quite so much as direct hit, gunboats and the market garden. It's a pretty fun loadout for hightower though

Tide turner demoknight

grenades, sticky jumper, eyelander for open maps (hightower, upward, via)

crossbow vacc solemn vow

winger soda popper atomizer

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Your eternal reward

Cloak and dagger (any watch works)

L'etranger or ambassador







Now watch how people rage when a Gibusvision spy trickstabs them

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Dead Ringer

Big Earner


Main aim is to pick off quick kills with the Big Earner; use the Dead Ringer to escape in case; allow your Dead Ringer to charge with ammo boxes or by peaking and picking off some HP off the enemy, recovering the use of your Dead Ringer. Pretty fun and quick if you know how to play spy well.

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Hey hey really fun loadout for me is this


Short circuit

Stock shotgun or any type of shotgun your fetish

Reason why Short circuit because I like them to fear the power of the short circuit and making them forced to use their melee or secondary like a huge cunt I am

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