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Gaming suggestion please

Mrs TS

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A good friend of ours is looking for a new game.


He is used to and looking for game suggestions that are similar to Fallout and Diablo 3.


The format is not as important as game quality and these are game types I have not tried myself so, if you have any suggestions for games like these, please spout them out. :wub:

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Grim Dawn, Torchlight I and II, Victor Vran are pretty good in terms of diablo-like games, Torchlight being a little lighter than the grim atmosphere of the other two. heard that The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is also good.


If he likes a turn based diablo-like game, he should try Divinity: Original Sin, its really good.


As for games similar like fallout 3 in terms of an open world RPG, he should like Far Cry 2 and 3 (haven't played the 4th one but its probably similar to 3 in a different setting, as is far cry primal similar to them but with cave men).


Dying Light is pretty much a better version of Dead Island. Its also an open world RPG filled mostly with zombies. Has coop too.

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Since you want games similar to DIABLOO and FALLOUTU there is a game called Goliath it's like diablo mix with some survival but mostly in a nutshell it's just to get better gear or another git gud gaem is Dank Souls (DARK SOULS series) or A legend of Zelda wind waker art style is NEECROPOLIS: bad gaem edition, (they fix the game called Necropolis now it's harder and all Ai's have been upgraded game is called Necropolis:Brutal edition) but in general to top this off legend of Zelda wind waker is a good reccomadation.

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