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How do you gain trust on backpack.tf and what is it?


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I've been trading for a while now. I took a little break from the game and now I'm back and I was wondering how do people get trust on Backpack.tf. I think it's cool to have trust on Backpack.tf. So, if someone could tell me some types of ways to gain trust or what it means on Backpack.tf. That would be great.


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To elaborate more on what trust is about, it's a system of reputation designed to make storing your rep easier. Most people in TF2 already use and trust backpack.tf, so the trust system makes leaving a rep for a person you made a cash trade with a breeze. 


In order to gain some trust, you'll have to make risky trades that reflect your integrity.

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Time to do it again

On 11/22/2020 at 5:39 PM, gabi_pop said:

Does it really have to be cash trading only and not risky trades like a brokering service? And, how do I post files in there?

Any trade with risk involved (lending items, brokering, cash trading etc) are allowed. As written in the trust tutorial

You can put links to sites like imgur/gyazo/lightshot etc if you want to add images to a trust rating

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