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Probably the 100th thread about rooting for backpack.tf automatic

Spirit of Billy Mays

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So, I've been googling around the last few days for a method to get my identity_secret code to finally join the legion of fully automatic traders. The most recent guide I could find (dated March 1st 2016) had a method for getting the code without rooting, but unfortunately doesn't work thanks to some recent android updates since it was written. (FML)


I don't want to keep my phone rooted, and I've read on other sites that there's ways to unroot without having to do a factory reset or anything that would make the Steam authenticator have to be reset, but nothing as recent as this year about it.


Are there any kind, knowledgeable souls that can link me to a working method for a root/unroot? Perhaps someone that's done it in the past month or so? I might have to find an unrooting guide on my own, but maybe one of you used a tool/method where rooting/unrooting are both features...

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