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Mods removes trust ratings with no explanations


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I am not sure if thats a good spot to type about this, tell me if thats wrong.


So at 30th, Aug, 2016 user "Noot" bought 60 keys from me via paypal. And so after everything was done so we did +rep on backpack.tf profiles trust rating.


At 2nd, Sep, 2016 Same user "Noot" asked me if i could sell 150 more keys via paypal, i told him sure, so after everything was done we +repped each other again on backpack.tf trust ratings. The next day I noticed that moderator removed both trust ratings from my trust page, and only one from his page without explanation why moderator DID remove these trust ratings. So I would like to know how could i solve this? Do moderators think these were wrong trust ratings or falsified? I would give him proofs for sure for paypal transaction and steam trading history.


I would like community to help solve this problem. Because what if we will +rep each other again and get trust ratings removed again?




clicking more informations does not show exact problem what was wrong with our trust ratings.

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Case aside, these stuff are handled via submitting an issue ticket, not through forums.


P.S.: Tai Lopez recommends reading books to improve knawledge and reading comprehension.

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Locking this before it becomes a memefest. 


OP, contact noot and ask him why he removed his trust, ask him to put it back if he's willing.

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