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Christmas gifts


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computer and a bicycle for my mom


nothing for my sister nor brother. sister is a fucking asshole which thinks if her present is 200sek, my present for her should be 2000sek just because i work.

and my brother just doesnt care. he will never give anyone anything unless its free and doesnt take any effort from his side.


9 expensive games, headset, necklace, kitty book, 3x cinema visits, winter jacket, winter shoes and a mite coating for my and her bed. all for my girlfriend. (she's allergic to mites).


1800sek to children cancer research, 300 sek to the red cross.

so yeah. spending a shit ton on people i care about. not expecting more than a thank you in return. if they dont say thanks. i will rage so bad. i dont care what they give me. just say thanks

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Not really a fan of gifts....


idunno, i've never been good at buying gifts--and therefore never end up getting anyone a gift; but then again, i don't expect (or really want) anyone to get me a gift. So it all evens out i suppose. 

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