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Some MVM scout help

The Final Animatronic...

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So, I just recently sold some vintage spec ks caber and got £1.50

I placed a buy order for a strange mad milk and a genuine fan o' war

anyone got some recommendations for a scattergun? or should i use my other £1 on cosmetics?


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Scattergun in mvm is mostly personal preference since you're typically not going to be doing too much killing. I've used them all and I've come back to the stock scattergun as my favorite. If you want to go for some tank killing at the ends of the Rottenburg missions then the Shortstop or the Soda Popper are probably the the way to go as they do very well on tanks with full upgrades. I have a guide in my signature if you'd like more info.

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Yeah, honestly your primary isn't that useful. I generally use the stock, soda popper, or force of nature. Most people don't use the FaN, but it's actually really useful for the extra jump and pushback. 


Definetly read Carnage's guide on MVM. It's super solid and he's the real expert in MVM :P

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I love the Shortstop in MVM, the new push feature actually isn't that bad to push back giant medics/robots behind a Medic's shield

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Stock > Shortstop > Soda Popper > FoN > Back scatter > BFB


1) Stock

+ Largest Clip size (Which comes in very handy)

+ Solid damage

+ Pretty much Bread and Butter


2) ShortStop

+ Combos well with the Mad Milk

+ Push allows you to push away medics

+ Clip based reload

- You'll probably be forced into the corner of the skybox by a heavy or DH Soldiers

- Clip based reload


3) Soda Popper

+ Solid Burst damage

+ Extra jumps come easily and quickly when upgraded

+ Clip based reload

- Clip based reload


4) FoN

+ Nice burst damage on medics post-uber

+ Knock back on medics and other classes

+ Clip reload

- Clip based reload

- Self-Push back makes shooting from the air a problem


5) Back Scatter

+ Minicrits

- Smaller Clip

- Minicrits draws aggro to you quickly


6) BFB

+ Boost is useful and comes quickly when upgraded

- You lose boost on being hit

- You lose boost on jumping

- When you lose all your boost, you're fairly slow


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