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Crystal Bazaar


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So far, really liking the minigames that Crystal Bazaar is having. The Idler one is quite the addiction though. Speaking of, new one is coming out in less than 10 minutes! Any predictions on future games that will be released within the week?


Good luck to all who are joining the raffle for it by the way.



Edit #1: New game came out. It's one of those puzzles where you have to click in places and turn the lights off. Urgh.

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It is very creative and I honestly hope this brings more people to bazaar. I am slowly taking a liking to it.

While I do like Bazaar, I find outpost is still easier to use and I sell almost all of my stuff on outpost

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Distinctively Vincent

By swinging lights from one side to the other, you can systematically eliminate lights row by row. I did it down up, likely would have been faster alternating between the top and the bottom rows- I ended up with one row left and had to drop the lights down to the bottom before doing one last side to side elimination. Found it more frustrating than fun, though that's in part due to the last column being offset into their own rows in my browser, leading me to screw up and need to restart partway through.

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Next game in 3 hours!

I had a dream that it's like a cannon game, where you pick the power and angle then shoot out a TF2 Character


...huh. Weird dream.


Edit: It is now out. Puzzle game...You have to make the Bazaar.tf logo.

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