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Potential High Value Special Craft Number Black Box


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A couple of days ago, I received a black box (normal quality) as a drop and it was level 5. At first, I thought nothing of it and moved on with my life until somebody in a trade server offered a lot of items for just my black box. To be precise, he offered a festive force a nature, a festive flaregun, and the industrial festivizer (1.33 craft hat). The total trade value exceeded 9 ref and that got my wondering: "Why is he offering so much for a regular weapon?" After doing a bit of digging, certain weapons with unique level numbers can be worth a lot if sold to the right collector.



Whether he is desperate for a black box, or he wants to make a profit on a trader who is unfamiliar with special craft numbers, I would like someone to help me figure this out.



Thanks in advance.

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Also as a side note, when i was trading with him, I told him that wep for wep would be fine but he offered the craft hat and nothing else. Then he later put the other items in as "compensation?"

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All black boxes are level 5.


If it was a Unique Black Box (Yellow border), you encountered an idiot and profited greatly.


If it was a Normal Black Box (Gray border), then you had a rare glitched item and were sharked.

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