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how to sell painted items more efficiently

uncle paco

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Attempt to sell it on backpack.tf classifieds and TF2Outpost. Lower price if needed.


Last resort, trade it to tf2mart.net (pays more than other buyers like Scrap.tf when the item has parts, killstreaked or is painted) for a clean unique item such as a hat at a stable price.

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I sold the majority of my painted items by looking at the classifieds on backpack and check the cheapest price for that particular item with the paint. I listed a little cheaper than that and then i posted them on outpost afterwards for more exposure. You will eventually find someone who wants it but if it takes too long, consider lowering the price a bit.


If the paint is not that good i just sell the item normally, without extra for the paint.

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i know it's a big no-no but still




It's not a no-no, it's just that the old '50% of the value of the paint' no longer applies

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