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Pricing help.

Lumber Pop

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No this isn't an unusual pricing help thread. ;-;

What would be the price of a Strange Collector's Professional Killstreak Phlogisinator w/ the strange parts of Pyros Killed,Damage Dealt and Critical Kills?


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I'd probably say 0-2 keys over 20 keys.


Andrew's offering to pay 20 keys but I doubt you'd be able to find another user that isn't a collector willing to buy it for more, so probably 20 keys, unless you put it on SCM but tax does take 15% off + it'll take time to sell it.

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Parts hardly add any value, but the Prof. Ks. does, maybe list it for 30 at first and lower if you can't sell in a month.

(Mengh is definitely wrong here, nobody would sell a Prof. Ks. item for the backpack.tf price of the regular one, especially if there's a buyer at the current price (indicating that it's low.)

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