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Is it just me?

Raymonoir 📱✔⛳️

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Recently steam has been really bad, even worse than it normally is. I mean having to wait hours for trades to work, they seem to be broken more frequently. Is it just me or has everyone noticed this?

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Once again. After the last big tf2 update steam tf2 item servers and steam api is fucked up and crashes few times or more per day. And they can't fix it already few weeks. 

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I'm actually very pissed off with Steam/TF2 lately. I just can't play TF2 anymore because of weird stutters that keep happening no matter what, I reinstalled, changed configuration, nothing changes. Playing matchmaking is out of the question, always getting into the wrong servers and having 150+ ping.

Also trading is horrible. I keep getting errors, blank offers, can't confirm on mobile, etc.

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