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Thinking of returning to trading, what's the market state and what's new?


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Two years ago, I cashed out part of my inventory and stopped trading due to lack of interest in the game.


However, I started playing again the last couple of weeks and I'm considering to start trading again, to get stranges and ToD tickets to use for myself.


Atm I have 9 keys and roughly 60 ref for buying/selling. What's a good way to flip/make some value nowadays? I've been considering flipping low-cost stranges as well as quickbuying low-priced unusuals.


 On a side note, is the 2 week hiatus on traded items still active?

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strange hats are kinda dropping with keyless crates and all. 


keys are alright i'd say


you could probably get a shiet tier unu for maybe 6 keys if you're lucky.

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flip higher tier stranges until you get enough to quickbuy real unusuals and australiums

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