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Add timestamps for time of creation of site bans


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Anyhow, suggestion I would like to be seen is a timestamp for when a site ban is instated upon a user. It can be useful for some, but the main purpose of this is to know when a scammer has been banned on backpack.tf and see whether users that have traded with a scammer are worthy of getting a temporary ban by trading with these users knowing that they were banned at the time of the trade or were just under the impression that they were safe to trade with because it didn't look like they were scammers.


For instance,



Plastic's backpack.tf permanent ban has happened, however, it is hard to actually pinpoint the date the ban was put in place by backpack.tf moderators. Luckily, for m0rxx, he had done the trade a month ago, probably a week before Plastic was banned from TF2Outpost and so, can use the excuse that Plastic looked safe to trade with, getting an unusual for a quicksell price. As for the history of the Crown of the Old Kingdom, it does seem that m0rxx would have been guilty of trading with a scammer if there was no outside evidence (such as the TF2Outpost ban and TF2Outpost activity) to pinpoint when a scammer is banned / has been found out.

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"its too hard to program and im not rewriting the website for one feature" ~fiskie, probably

It's not that hard to be honest. Just need to add an additional column or two to certain tables, saving the Timestamp, which can easily be recorded upon the creation of a ban record. Then, just print it out along with the ban information and stuff when displaying a scammer's backpack.tf profile.

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Yeah I'd be fine with this, but in the meantime you can just report either way and whoever looks at the report will do the time checking.

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