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It's in our best interest that we as a community notice the flaws, perks, and opinions of each update, and make sure an update that comes once or twice a year doesn't go to waste.


In recent happenings the Meet your match update, which finally released competitive matchmaking that we have waited for, for so long, and they released a casual update aswell, which removed quick play and other features.


So, let's recognize the perks that come with this new casual mode.


In my opinion, these are the following perks I recognized.


-competitive atmosphere

-less friendlies

-less trolls

-more objective

-a new ranking system thst gives us a form of progression, other than item drops.

-and many more small things I'm sure I forgot to mention.


Now, as yiu know, many people are complaining about the casual mode, and I'm here to say, thst these are some of the flaws in the casual update


-having to listen to people complain about no quick play

-having to listen to people complain about people actually doing the objective

-having to listen to people complain about 90 second queue time.

-and slowly, as enough complaints flood in, valve decides to remove or slowly remove casual from existence, with this most recent update, allowing people to join a gsme in progress, thus slightly removing the competitive atmosphere and crushing what I love about casual.


And here are my opinions on the thingsme I didn't touch on.


-matchmaking is full of hackers, I won't go near it.

-I've played with custom view models for years, and being capped at 54 kills my gameplay.

-heavy deserves an update, pyro is spoiled.

-learn to use the server tab for community servers you lazy bastard.

-if you want quickplay, use community servers, they need more help and support, and there are multiple good ones out there, don't ruin casual just because you're tired of dying to people who actually play the objective.



And as always, thanks for watching.

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So you list flaws, but none of them are actual flaws. I don't really play TF2 anymore, but you may want to watch your bias if you want to appear reasonable and add some actual flaws. I would point out a few, but I don't have any real knowledge of this update.

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And as always, thanks for watching.

Nice script for your youtube video


You're two weeks late in posting an update video as larger and more popular youtubers have taken the cake with varying criticisms.

Any person who has used the forums in these last two weeks would know half of the content you've just posted through status updates or other means.

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This entire post is just a means to have a grab and complain about the people who arent happy with the update.

All your negative points are aimed at the people who complain.

Even your final point is basically having a go at people who preferred quickplay over community servers.


The thing you have to realise is that many will see your positive views as negative.

1. Competitive Atmosphere in a casual gamemode makes it not casual. It just makes it competitive.

2. Less Friendlies/Less trolls. This point is not necessarily true. Plenty of trolls still in the servers and friendlies still try to make their mark. They play for fun and practice. They dont want to competitive feel. They play to relax and have non-verbal interaction with other players (mainly through the use of sandvich)

3. 90 second queue time - This is just wrong. I havent checked with this new patch but prior to this, low populated areas had much longer queue times. Hell I live in the centre of London (UK) and I had 10-20 minute wait times to get into a server. If this has now changed, great that is a vast improvement. But your negative point is referring to pre-update that happened less than 24 hours ago.

4. Your final point is complaining about valve slowly looking to remove the harsher competitive nature from the "casual" game mode. It is called casual. If it bothers you so much then you should be playing competitive.


Touching more on point 4 - having Valve slowly remove features of casual mode is nothing as compared to how they had quick play completely gone between 1 day and the next.

All you have done here is complain about complainers who have addressed a multitude of concerns regarding the MyM update mostly to do with the sudden removal of quickplay pubs to put in this casual mode.


If you are going to make a post with positive and negative views. How about you look into what people find to be the negative before stating "oh they are just whining. I like this new update so everybody who doesnt is just a whiner and shouldnt have a say"

Ever think about explaining why your view of the update perks are perks? how about you actually go into why its a perk? And then recognise that others wont share the same viewpoint.


The easiest to give an example of would be competitive atmosphere.


Pros - Competitive atmostphere which will introduce new players to the style of gameplay for the future of tf2 with its new competitive game mode. It would allow new players to practice and have the option to pay (a large amount of money) for a competitive pass so that they are able to play and reap the rewards of competitive. It also allows for current players to have more of a goal set in place to win the game and have more incentive to play towards the game mode's design. It will prepare people for what the competitive game mode will be all about should they choose to pay 


Cons - The competitive atmosphere has taken away from the veteran tf2 players who played the game as a form of relaxation. The ability to mess about in a game where its main source of income is from funny hats with odd effects/buying the keys to unlock crates to obtain these funny hats. Starting up the game, clicking the quickplay option and joining a random server quickly and simply to have some fun and extend maps for a long time has now been removed for this casual mode which has you sitting in a queue waiting for a game (for some its no time at all. for others it can be upwards of 30 minutes or more) to then be placed in a 10 minute game which will then kick you off the server once the winner has been announced (have fun with those wait times again).


Just to note that the competitive pass costs £15 (currently half price at £7.50 on the market because of its launch but thats damn expensive for a game that has been f2p for years now and where passes such as tough break and gun mettle had cost less than £5 or where MvM tickets cost £0.75)


Now there is nothing wrong with having your own viewpoint on the pros and cons. But if you are making a post about it, why not try looking into some of the facts before you complain about complainers who have had a justified reason to complain.

They dont particularly care about this casual mode or anything like that. They care that quickplay pubs were completely removed in favour of this casual mode without any word or warning.

What they want is pubs to be brought back. Keeping casual mode doesnt matter to them. Having pubs, casual and comp would be fine but it was the complete removal of a game mode that many still played and had done for years (remember this game is almost 10 years old) that caused a massive outcry. No word. No warning. Just taken away.

So before you complain that Valve are making slow updates to the casual mode to make it a more pub like feel, consider what actually happened to put in this casual mode in the first place and consider yourself lucky that they dont reverse it in 1 update. 


Now for your final points:

Hackers will be everywhere regardless of where you go so this point is just redundant. Takes a lot of money to go into a game mode just to hack. It would be easier just to do the casual mode and hack without having to fork out the additional cash for the competitive game mode.

Viewmodel fov has now been changed to have the slider ranged from 54 to 70. For you to include the point of 54 being too low I can only assume that your earlier complaint about people being mad to wait 90 seconds for a game was pre-update.


Learn to use the server tab....right well here is a flaw. Not all the community servers function like pubs used to. There are a couple of well known ones that always have people playing but those will often be full because of players flocking to them for the old pub feel. You also fall into the same issue of location. Some community servers are based in areas that will have you at unplayable ping or just unable to join. 

I decided to have a quick check on the available servers: (I also selected the ones where there were actually players in the server)

Vatican City Trade

2Fort Asia (ping is going to love me)


Hitlers Jewfort (wtf is that)

Vs Saxton Hale

24/7 idle Trade




A bunch in a language I dont understand

Minigun 100% crits


You know, you are right. Community servers seem so easy to understand and get into a normal old style pub game with....

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Thanks Findi, I couldn't have said it better myself :D

Luckily Uncle Dane managed to set up some very good Pub servers in different locations and for every gamemode. No ads, no mods, no bullshit. Just search for "tfcrew" in the server browser and you have them.

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Also it would be nice if the casual ranking gave some rewards like freelance skins or an an actual cosmetic badge that shows your progress.

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Also it would be nice if the casual ranking gave some rewards like freelance skins or an an actual cosmetic badge that shows your progress.

That would be nice. Even if the rewards are weird/ugly/wtf hats like the pass time hat.

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