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Announcing Ready Steady Pan Season 3...


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(x-post steam group)


…if players are interested


The ultimate place of competitive pandemonium has returned. The place where you can show off your mad skillets. The one and only: Ready, Steady, Pan!


For those who are new:

Ready Steady Pan is a semi-competitive league involving the frying pan as the only damage dealing weapon allowed. After two overwhelmingly successful seasons, and after a “short†hiatus, we have returned for Season 3!


For those who are veterans:


While you might think it has been a few years, but luckily we go by Valve Time here are RSP, so it actually hasn’t been that long. Season 3 will continue in spirit of Season 2, but we will be going in a little bit of a different direction than the previous seasons. We will move a step back from the more competitive side, and more into the casual and fun side. For instance, running more “interesting" maps. However, for our hardcore panners out there, you will find just as much competition in Season 3 as you have in previous seasons.


Reason for the Hiatus.


The reason for the “short†hiatus can be split into two reasons. The first being that at the end of Season 2, the majority of the helpers and admins did not play the game, and simply helped for the sake of RSP. Immediately after Season 2, the majority of the admins retired, leaving mostly people with only 1 season of experience. Though I was one of them, I showed interest continuing RSP, so I was promoted to the Head Admin of NA, and something similar occurred (I assume) in the EU and Australia/New Zealand regions. This leads me to the second half of the hiatus. I led the work for Season 3, and it started in January 2014. However, my university was bought out by another university at this time, and some issues occurred with my tuition. After having multiple meetings with the administration, I got my original deal I had with my first university, but only for one year. I then had to pull multiple nightmare semesters in order to graduate, so I didn’t really have much time for gaming, let alone running a league. I waited for someone else to take charge, and then I would be a helper, or just step down. However, no one volunteered to take charge, so we had no further seasons. I take responsibility of this, as I’m sure I could have passed the torch to someone else, but I hope you understand my situation.


The Current Plan


Our current plan is to see if we have enough people to run Season 3, and then we will begin planning from there. We will decide our course of action in one week, to continue onward for Season 3, or to retire the league. For now we will see how things pans out. For now, make sure you have joined our steam group (https://steamcommunity.com/groups/readysteadypan) for the most up to date information!

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